Telf Maynard grew up on a hobby farm in the Southlands Blenheim Flats area of Vancouver’s West-Side. His family is extensively involved in the international equestrian community, and Telf grew up jumping horses and travelling the horse show circuit.  He still lives in Kerrisdale with his wife Tasha, their two kids Justin and Callie, and a variety of horses, dogs, and cats.

Telf’s educational background is in computers. As a self-employed computer tech for over 15 years, Telf owned and operated Canadian Computer Consulting. He also worked as Executive Director of a not-for-profit internet recruiting company, CareerOwl Institute, and spent several years as General Manager of Southlands Riding Club.  His technical and business skills have proven very useful in the new “high-tech” world of real estate sales, and in 2006 Telf sold his computer company and now works exclusively as a Realtor.

As a Realtor, Telf has been consistently successful over the years. While he specializes in selling Vancouver west-side houses and apartments, he is also quite knowledgeable about investment real estate and has himself owned investment properties in both BC and Alberta. He is an active member of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), and an alumni of the Authentic Canadian Real Estate System (ACRE) and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Institute courses.  Telf also sells hobby farms and equestrian centres throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Telf’s other interests include coastal cruising with his wife and kids on their sailboat “Chelsea”, SCUBA diving (he is a certified PADI Instructor), flying airplanes and float planes, and amateur radio (his callsign is VE7TLF). He is also a member of Mensa International.

Mission Statement.

Telf Maynard is a different kind of Agent – Today’s Kind of REALTOR® — dedicated to facilitating the purchase and/or sale of homes and equestrian properties in Vancouver and its surrounding areas.

My Mission is to consistently service my clients with a higher level of creativity, professionalism, integrity and competence; and through ingenious marketing, internet savvy, ongoing education, and old fashioned networking, to become the most elite, skilled and in-demand Agent in the city.

My Passion is to help each individual client achieve the very best possible price, realizing that every dollar can make a difference; but that quality and competence cost money; that while me make our own luck, Murphy’s Law sometimes gets in the way; and that sometimes the ideal price must be sacrificed for the perfect property or the required terms.

My Pledge, in both my business and personal life, is to always do my best to respect privacy, commitments, feelings, neighbourhoods, and our environment.

My Goal is to help all of my clients achieve their dreams without forfeiting my own family time, my health or my own personal ambitions.

Above All, I recognize that every dollar I spend or choose not to spend in the course of each day is a vote on a global scale, and I vow to cast each of my ballots in a way that makes a favourable impact on the future of the earth and humankind.

And at the end of each transaction, my aspiration is that each client will be so thrilled with my service that they are truly anxious to refer me to all those they meet, knowing that there is no better Agent to handle their future Real Estate transactions.